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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still see a chiropractor if I’m pregnant?

Yes. As your child develops and your body changes physique, we make subtle adjustments and gentle structural changes to make sure your pelvic girdle remains in place throughout the pregnancy and returns to normality after the birth. We encourage prenatal gentle exercises and monitor spinal alignment along the way.

I’m feeling much better, do I still need to see a chiropractor?

First of all, congratulations! There’s nothing we like better than to see a patient feeling good, however it’s important to remember that your body’s healing process takes time. Just like with other injuries such as joint sprains, cuts, bruises and bone fractures; the road to complete recovery takes time and the absence of pain (while a great step forward) doesn’t mean your body is completely healed. If you are seeking treatment for a specific injury caused by an isolated accident, once you’re on the road to recovery you may not feel the need for our assistance. It is important however to consider that a significant number of spinal and nervous system issues are caused simply by the way we lead our lives. Such injuries to our body may require a longer treatment process and we would always recommend those patients continue to visit us in the future.

Who do you see for treatment?

Just about everyone! Our Chiropractors have experience treating a wide range of patients, we’ve seen and performed adjustments on young infants, seniors over 90 years old and everyone else in between!

What should I expect on my first visit?

On your first visit we’ll sit down with you to do a brief health assessment to analyse any symptoms you might have as well as check the general health and structure of your spine. In most cases we can chart out a course of recommended treatments and begin giving you adjustments straight away. However, in some cases, particularly with serious injuries, we may suggest further tests (such as x-rays) or referral to other health professionals. This is to ensure that we are giving you the best possible treatment and avoiding any risk of injury. In those situations (as well as with our recommended course of adjustments) we’ll take the time to explain exactly why we’re recommending this course and answer questions you might have. We strongly believe that healing is as much about understanding as it is about treatment and we like our patients to feel confident in the knowledge they’re getting the best care possible.

Will I have to get naked?

No. The therapy and adjustments that our chiropractors perform can easily be done without removing any clothing. However, we do recommend you wear something loose and comfortable when visiting. Anything tight fitting or restrictive may make the adjustment process a little tricky for us.

When should I see a chiropractor?

Many of us suffer from problems that can be helped by chiropractic and don’t even realise it. Our body’s nervous system controls and coordinates every single organ, muscle and structure in our body; therefore the systems and malfunctions caused by misalignments in our spinal column can be felt just about everywhere. Serious misalignments in your neck and spine are most commonly felt as a soreness or stiffness in those areas. A tightening of the neck muscles and feelings of pain or discomfort when turning the head can be indicators of issues with the upper vertebrae, while discomfort or pain while driving or sitting can be signs of problems with the lower lumbar regions. Even if you feel only minor discomforts, seeing a chiropractor for treatment may have greater benefits in unexpected areas of your body.

Will I need to have x-rays?

In most cases we can perform adjustments and soft tissue treatments without the need for x-rays. We refer our patients for x-ray analysis if we feel it necessary for a more in-depth study, particularly if trauma or unexplained pain is present.

What makes Spinal Dynamics different to other chiropractic clinics?

At Spinal Dynamics, our chiropractors base their treatments on the Sacro-Occipital technique (SOT). Rohan’s passion for the technique began when he was studying at chiropractic college in America where he learnt directly from the founder, Dr. DeJarnette. SOT is unique to chiropractic. It is a low-force specific technique and incorporating craniotherapy and organ reflex points.

How long is a treatment?

How much time we need to spend with you will depend on your individual needs and the specific treatments we’ve mapped out for you. For initial consultations we’ll need around 30 minutes with you and only about 10 minutes for follow up adjustments.