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Sarah has a variety of chiropractic skills with a special interest in the use of Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT) to help treat the subluxations of the patients.

Sarah has recently moved to Torquay from Sale where she has practiced Chiropractic for the past four years.

Her first experience with chiropractic was as a teenager after a nasty fall from her horse, where she damaged her neck falling against a tree. After being impressed with the care and expertise of the chiropractor she saw, she decided chiropractic was the perfect way to combine her interests in health and healing people. Sarah completed her Bachelor of Health Science and Masters of Clinical Chiropractic at RMIT in Melbourne.

Since starting her training as a chiropractor Sarah has learnt how effective the human body is at self healing, (as long as there is nothing interfering with this process) and that chiropractic is the perfect way to alleviate the interference. She enjoys helping patients learn about the body and teaching them about exercise, nutrition and the need for a positive outlook. Sarah has a strong passion for caring for families and helping them regain their health through chiropractic care and advice.