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What is Chiropractic all about?

Chiropractic is the study and therapeutic treatment of the neuromusculoskeletal system which includes the adjustment of your spine (as well as the rest of your body) to correct impairments in your nervous system.

Simply put the practice of chiropractic is the care and maintenance of your spine as well as other bones and joints in order to keep your nervous system healthy. Your spine protects the main trunk of your body’s nervous system in your back – which sends impulses to all the systems of your body. When there is interference or what chiropractors call a “Subluxation” in the spine, it may cause a problem with the nerve flow to the muscles and organs of the body.

Chiropractors can perform various therapies and spinal adjustments which act to reduce the pressure on the spinal cord allowing proper nerve supply to return to the vital tissues so the body can start to function again at its full potential.

Healing Takes Time

Have you ever had a cut or scratch that is bumped a few days later and it was still sore or it began to bleed again? It takes time for your body to repair itself, create new tissues, or to replace damaged parts, whether it’s a cut finger, sore throat or a misalignment in your spinal column.


Healing takes time and depends on a number of individual factors: Lifestyle, age, general health, other existing medical issues, diet – the list can go on and on. It can also depend on unknown factors like when the initial nerve damage took place and how long the damage has been there making it very difficult for us to accurately predict a healing timetable.

One thing we do know is that your body has a tremendous capacity to heal itself; and given the right treatment, the proper care, rest and sufficient time, your body will achieve the maximum health attainable. That’s why for best results, once function has been restored, we recommend maintaining your nervous system through regular therapy.

Just as anyone who owns a car can attest, the only sure way to keep your vehicle running and performing well is regular maintenance and check ups, the same can be said of your spine. Giving it regular care and therapy is the best way to keep it healthy and strong.

Old Habits Die Hard


More often than not, the problems chiropractors treat are the result of long term mistreatment of our bodies rather than because of isolated trauma. We often take our bodies for granted and tend not to take care of them in the best of ways; chances are the way you’re sitting in your chair while reading this (or possibly the height of your computer monitor or desk) is putting some sort of undue stress on your body right now!

Old habits are sometimes hard to shake. It might be the way we lift heavy objects, our office workstation, the way we sleep, run, garden, vacuum or reach through to the back seat of the car. There are many different activities and environments in our life that might not be the best for our backs – but when you’ve been doing something a particular way all your life it can be incredibly hard to train yourself to change. We can help you pinpoint the bad habits and replace them with sustainable good ones.

Sometimes the way we live our lives may not be the best for our backs, so after being treated by our chiropractors you may find you need to change the way you do things in order to assist your body to heal. Usually they are very minor changes and in most cases just involve thinking a little before doing a particular action or activity, but these changes could be equally as important (if not more so) than the treatment itself – because without the behavioural change then the treatment we can give is a temporary solution at best.