The chiropractors at Spinal Dynamics are professional and friendly practitioners who are there to help you regain your health.

bigstock-Side-view-of-man-with-D-spine-30988364They pride themselves not just in providing chiropractic treatments but also informing their patients in ways to better help themselves. They take time to explain the basic structure and function of the spine and its importance to the entire human body. They want you to understand that if you know how the spine works you may prevent problems from reoccurring.

Together the team brings about four decades of experience in chiropractic treatment; from the common to the complex and from young to the ‘been there done that’. Rohan and Dawn have set up and run many successful clinics throughout Victoria and now, along with Kristen who brings youth and fresh understandings of modern lifestyle, they create a dynamic platform for understanding your health issues.

They base their treatment on gentle Sacro-Occipital Technique while integrating soft tissue therapies and other manual adjustments tailored to what is needed for each individual patient.