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Welcome to Spinal Dynamics

How can we help?

At Spinal Dynamics we care about your health, balance and lifestyle choices. Chiropractic is one drug-free way of approaching health care. On a physical level, chiropractors look after and maintain your spine because nerves to all of your organs are protected by your spine. As the body with all its organs and systems is connected and controlled by nerves and the nerves are protected by the spine, it’s imperative the spine functions correctly.


Why choose us?

At Spinal Dynamics, we treat everyone with their specific needs in mind. With over 40 years of experience in chiropractic, we know that every patient is unique. Our belief is that we are treating not just the symptoms or pain, but the whole person. This wholistic approach to health care ensures we understand that balance and lifestyle choices are a key part of our approach to your treatment.